Through the Group Pilgrimage Experience


Cultivating Discipleship 

God is writing a beautiful story in your life, and the timing is perfect for a pilgrimage to a sacred space to allow Him to curate and illuminate your path.

You will be amazed by the graces that are awaiting you.

The Response is Up to You.

The Holy Spirit calls everyone to pilgrimage

Pilgrimage is for everyone, and the entire experience unifies and brings hope to a brighter future.

It’s time to put meaning and purpose into life by getting outside of the daily routine and grind. 

Be prepared to gain interior vision by encountering Jesus in the mystical mystery of the Eucharist, celebrating mass at some of the most ancient sacred altars of the world.  

Plan a visit to the Holy Land and give your community something to look forward to. 

Catholic Travel Today designs and organizes the pilgrimage for a seamless and effortless experience.

All you have to do is decide on the destination and the date, and we customize the itinerary. You get to bring energy and excitement to ignite your spiritual travel plan by promoting to the community you wish to travel with. 


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Why Should You Consider a Pilgrimage?

What’s stopping you in creating your first group? Grab my list of all the reasons to form your group starting today.

Hi, I'm Alison Stookey

Grandma Rose inspired me to travel and travel to the sites where heaven touched the earth. She traveled with her parish priest and with the people she knew in her church community. I marveled as she shared stories of the shrines of Lourdes, Ireland, and Rome. 

Our first group pilgrimage to the Holy Land and Rome was set in motion by the “YES” of a young priest that we met in our parish, and we've been cultivating discipleship ever since with the pilgrimage experience.

I’m a descendant of German / Irish Catholic farmers who settled in Kansas, and I consider my Catholic faith a gift from both families.

Nice to meet you!



Grace is nothing else but a sure beginning of glory within us.

- St Thomas Aquinas


The most amazing pilgrimage for a Catholic to experience: Rome with the Papal Audience, the four major Basilicas, celebrate mass at some of the most sacred altars of the world.

Where Art Meets the Sacred


Itinerary Inspiration

To walk in the footsteps of Jesus is transformational.

Jesus is our companion to the places made holy by His life, and He is also the goal of the pilgrimage. Envision the scripture stories at the actual sites and encounter Jesus in the land that he chose for Himself as home.

Holy Land

You will never pray the rosary the same as each decade will enliven your spiritual encounter in the Life of Christ Himself.

Walk the Footsteps of Jesus

France & Portugal

There’s no better way to experience Europe’s most treasured Catholic shrines than on these inspirational journeys through Spain, Portugal, and France.

Marian Shrines of

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Why Should You Consider A Pilgrimage?