Faith-Based Travel is an Apostolate

Together we can unite our ministries by cultivating discipleship through the pilgrimage experience.


 “Come and See”

John 1:39

Jesus never ceases calling us to conversion.

One who encounters Christ in Scripture will be challenged to turn toward Him and answer the call to discipleship. The beautiful goal of our shared mission is the same as Holy Mother Church.

Catholic Travel Today is inviting your ministry to unite in this mission.

Let’s work together in the Garden of Evangelization and offer grace filled moments to your faithful followers.

Scripture comes to life as you walk in the footsteps of Jesus. 

Celebrate holy mass at sites of biblical importance.

Listen with the ear of your heart standing in the land that Jesus lived and taught.

Walk where biblical stories took place.

Pray the rosary in the places the Blessed Mother lived and walked

Explore places that you have spiritually contemplated your whole life.

Read and discuss scripture in the actual places they took place.


 Imagine what we can do by working together:

Affirming faith-filled Christians their baptismal promises

Fostering spiritual growth and mission of the baptized

Deepening the call to holiness

Encourage vocational discernment

Provide spiritual formation of the laity as disciples

Strengthening marriages

Prayer comes more easily

Assisting in the discernment of spiritual gifts and charisms


Catholic Ministry followers benefit from the communal grace of pilgrimage

This time allows the ministry to get to know their members

Seeing ancient sites, standing on holy ground reading the Bible, praying, and celebrating holy mass together where Jesus walked and lived

Individuals formerly intimidated by Bible study actually develop a relationship with Jesus through this lived experience and become natural leaders in the ministry.

Pilgrims develop deep Christian friendships that continue to grow after returning home

Hi, I'm Alison Stookey

Grandma Rose inspired me to travel and travel to the sites where heaven touched the earth. She traveled with her parish priest and with the people she knew in her church community. I marveled as she shared stories of the shrines of Lourdes, Ireland, and Rome.  

Lourdes was the first Marian Shrine we visited. I first experienced the Universal Church in its splendor—surrounded by people of every country in this massive gathering of the Catholic faithful. The Catholic culture was alive and well, and we all honored the Blessed Mother praying the Rosary and in song. In that beautiful experience and emotionally energized setting, I knew in my spirit that I’d encourage people to pilgrimage. 

Our first group pilgrimage to the Holy Land and Rome was set in motion by the “YES” of a young priest that we met in our parish, and we've been cultivating discipleship ever since with the pilgrimage experience. 

I’m a descendant of German / Irish Catholic farmers who settled in Kansas, and I consider my Catholic faith a gift from both families. My husband, Deacon Rick, converted before our marriage, and our life together has been a spiritual encounter that I could have never planned. We live in Oklahoma and enjoy our time reading, traveling, and enjoying family and friends.  

Nice to meet you!

Catholic Travel Today is dedicated to the work of the Blessed Mother as the perfect role model of discipleship under the titles of 

Our Lady of Guadalupe is the patroness of all the Americas
and the Star of the New Evangelization.

The Sorrow Mother

Our Lady of Guadalupe


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