Catholic Travel Today provides extraordinary faith-based travel that inspires interior renewal toward Jesus through the pilgrimage experience to the Holy Land and sacred sites worldwide.

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To provide an opportunity, every Christian can walk the "Footsteps of Jesus" in the Holy Land and visit the altars of the world that have nourished sacred devotions and expressions of piety for centuries.

Catholic Travel Today takes care of every detail of a rewarding travel experience so the pilgrim can receive signal graces.
We strive to provide pilgrims new perspectives on Sacred Scripture and the life of Christ, faith traditions, and strong connections in a faith community.
Our prayer provides the People of God an authentic faith-based immersion experience with daily liturgy, culture, art, faith, church history, and friendship.

On “Pilgrimage” from the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

What is a Pilgrimage?

“...pilgrimage as signs of penance...”

“Pilgrimages evoke our earthly journey toward heaven and are traditionally extraordinary occasions for renewal in prayer. For pilgrims seeking living water, shrines are special places for living the forms of Christian prayer “in Church.”



“Besides sacramental liturgy and sacramental's, catechesis must take into account the forms of piety and popular devotions among the faithful. The religious sense of the Christian people has always found expression in various states of piety surrounding the Church’s sacramental life, such as the veneration of relics, visits to sanctuaries, pilgrimages, processions, the stations of the cross, etc."


Pilgrimage is linked to the situation of a man who experiences his life on a journey. 

From birth to death, the condition of each individual is that of “Man on the Way.” The Sacred Scripture often attests to the special significance of setting out to go to sacred places. The history of the Church is the living account of an ongoing pilgrimage.
To journey to Rome, the city of saints. To the Holy Land, Peter and Paul to the old and new shrines dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Saints: This is the goal of countless members of the faithful who find nourishment for their devotion in this way.

A pilgrimage evokes the believer’s journey in the footsteps of the Redeemer: It is an exercise of asceticism, of repentance for human weakness, of interior preparation for a change of heart.

The Church encourages and makes provisions for such pilgrimages.

The pilgrimage experience becomes a tangible sign of our choice to take up our journey towards Christ: with some sacrifices, often involving inconveniences, and with prayer.

A pilgrimage can be an occasion for an interior renewal and rededication along the path of Christian perfection, striving to attain, with the support of God’s grace, “the state of the perfect man, to the measure of the full maturity of Christ” (Eph 4:13).

Each pilgrimage visit to a sacred shrine should include a moment of sincere prayer.

Recommended prayers include The Our Father, The Apostle’s Creed, and the Hail Mary.

Build your custom itinerary today

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It has been my experience working with a large destination group tour operator that I felt like I was just a number.

 I always had to fit into a cookie cutter itinerary and there was never any room to enhance the pilgrimage by adding stops or locations. 

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The Holy Land- Bethlehem, Galilee, Jerusalem, Nazareth and Cana

Shrines of Italy- Rome, Assisi, Venice, Florence

Shrines of Spain- Marian Shrines, Saints, and Tradition

Shrines of Ireland- Footsteps of St. Patrick

Camino de Santiago- Shrine of St. James the Greater

France - The Eldest Daughter of the Church

Poland, Prague, and Austria

Marian Shrines of Fatima and Lourdes

Germany - Bavaria 

Greece & Turkey - Footsteps of St. Paul

Mexico - Our Lady of Gauadalupe


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God gives each one of us sufficient grace ever to know His holy will, and to do it fully.

– St. Ignatius Loyola

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